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Wallpaper Focus - Paul Moneypenny Anethe Wallpaper

Wallpaper Focus - Paul Moneypenny Anethe Wallpaper

Wallpaper Focus - Paul Moneypenny Anethe Wallpaper: A Masterpiece of Coordination and Style

 Welcome, wallpaper lovers!

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil a new addition to our wallpaper family, straight from Paul Moneypenny's Autumn Winter 23 collection. Introducing the Anethe range - a pair of coordinating designs that blend floral elegance with industrial chic. 

The Anethe Range: A Closer Look

1. Ochre Cherry Blossom Design: Imagine delicate ochre cherry blossoms against a charcoal grey distressed concrete pattern. Subtle geometric metallic golden elements are stamped into the substrate, a meeting of nature and industry that is both eye-catching and harmonious.

Paul Moneypenny Anethe Blossom Charcoal

2. Coordinating Distressed Concrete Design: The plain coordinating wallpaper carries the distressed concrete pattern from the cherry blossom design, adorned with metallic golden etchings. It's a beautiful complement, elevating the aesthetics of the accompanying design.

Anethe Cherry Blossom and Plain

What Makes Anethe Wallpaper Truly Unique?

  • Striking Sakura Floral Pattern: The stylish cherry blossom is striking without being overpowering, a tribute to the beauty of nature.
  • Industrial Meets Floral: The distressed concrete pattern combines the floral look with an industrial style, seamless and elegant.
  • Touchable Texture: The realistic background appears so true to life; you’ll want to touch it to see if it's real cement!
  • Subtle Metallic Golden Highlights: These add a refined touch that gives this design that extra allure.
  • Quality You Can Feel: Beyond its breathtaking appearance, the Anethe range is also of exceptional quality.
  • Easy to Hang: The 'paste the wall' feature ensures that it’s as enjoyable to hang as it is to look at.
  • Paul's Unmatched Eye: Our shop manager's expertise shines through, creating a wallpaper that's both contemporary and timeless.

Final Words: Experience Anethe Today

Our Anethe wallpapers are more than mere wall coverings; they're a statement of taste, quality, and craftsmanship. The combination of sakura floral with a distressed concrete texture, enhanced by metallic golden elements, transforms a simple wall into a work of art.

We invite you to come and explore the Anethe range at our store on North Street, Belfast or shop online 24hrs a day at Allow us to guide you through Paul Moneypenny's exceptional creation and find the perfect match for your home.


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