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    Wallpaper Colour Inspiration

    Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your home can be a difficult task, especially with so many wallpaper patterns to sift through. 
    We're making it easier for you by dividing up our Wallpaper Designs by Colour.    

    Black Wallpaper | Black Wallpaper Inspiration

    Grey Wallpaper | Charcoal Wallpaper

    White Wallpaper | Off White Wallpaper Inspiration

    Red Wallpaper | Red Wallpaper Inspiration

    Orange Wallpaper | Orange Wallpaper Inspiration

    Yellow Wallpaper | Mustard Wallpaper | Yellow Room Inspiration

    Green Wallpaper | Sage Wallpaper | Lime Wallpaper

    Blue Wallpaper | Navy Wallpaper | Teal Wallpaper

    Pink Wallpaper | Blush Wallpaper | Pink Room Inspriation

    Purple Wallpaper | Lilac Wallpaper | Plum Wallpaper

    Neutral Wallpaper | Beige Wallpaper | Taupe Wallpaper Silver Wallpaper | Metallic Wallpaper | Shiny Wallpaper
    Gold Wallpaper | Metallic Wallpaper | Sparkle Wallpaper Copper Wallpaper | Metallic Wallpaper | Shiny Wallpaper
    Rose Gold Wallpaper | Metallic Pink Wallpaper | Rose Gold Inspiration Multicoloured Wallpaper | Wallpaper Inspiration