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Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black | Riva Home
Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black | Riva Home
Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black | Riva Home

Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black !

£14.00 GBP
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Black Velvet Rectangular Scatter Cushion with Bee Buttons

Introducing the Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black: a charming, sophisticated, and downright buzzworthy cushion that will have every interior design lover buzzing with excitement! 🐝🖤


Luxurious Velvety Soft


Brought to you by the fabulous Riva Home, this 30cm x 50cm soft velvet effect cushion is the perfect combination of comfort and panache. Prepare to be swept off your feet as you nestle into the luxurious embrace of this feather-filled rectangular scatter cushion. 😍🛋️


Chic Style


The Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion boasts a simple yet stylish design in a chic black colour, oozing elegance and grace. What sets this cushion apart from the rest? Its adorable bee buttons that add a touch of whimsy and charm to any room! This versatile pattern will seamlessly integrate into various themes, making it a must-have addition to your home decor collection. 🎩🎨


Versatile, Incorporate Into Any Scheme


Whether you're hosting a swanky soiree, curling up with your favourite novel, or simply unwinding after a long day, this exquisite cushion is your go-to companion for all of life's cozy moments. Its luxurious design and irresistible charm will spark smiles, laughter, and endless conversations among your guests. 😄🗨️


Don't let this enchanting cushion fly away! Add the Bumble Bee Velvet Cushion Black to your home decor today and get ready to experience a hive of comfort, style, and charm that will leave everyone buzzing with delight! 🐝✨


Key Features :

  • A soft velvet effect for the ultimate in comfort
  • A simple yet stylish design with a luxurious black colour
  • Unique bee button accents for added charm
  • Versatile pattern that complements various themes
  • Feather-filled, top-quality construction
  • Made by the reputable Riva Home
  • Perfectly sized at 30cm x 50cm