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Larson Leaf Navy and Silver Wallpaper

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Larson Leaf Navy and Silver Wallpaper: Navy Blue and Silver with a Botanical Twist


Sophisticated Embossing

Dive into the depths of interior design with the Larson Leaf Navy and Silver Wallpaper. This embossed treasure combines the timeless allure of botanical patterns with the contemporary vibe of Navy and silver shades. Experience the texture that mimics the finesse of genuine fabric.


Bold Botanical Brilliance

Unveil the magic of large-scale leaf patterns that command attention. These intricately detailed leaves, set against a hessian-inspired fabric effect background, are perfect for those with an adventurous design spirit.


Nautical Navy Meets Silvery Sheen

A harmonious blend of bold Navy and clean silver-grey paints a picture that's worth a thousand words. This colour combination is versatile, ensuring this design marvel will look spectacular in any room's colour scheme.


Quality Beyond Expectation

Crafted to perfection by Fine Decor Wallcoverings, this wallpaper isn't just a feast for the eyes. Its heavyweight embossed finish ensures it stands the test of time, even on walls with minor imperfections. Plus, its soft, warm, and cozy vibe is undeniably palpable.


Practical Elegance

Celebrate a design that doesn't compromise on functionality. From living rooms to bathrooms, the washable finish ensures it remains pristine, regardless of life's unexpected spills.


Key Features:

  • Textured botanical embossed pattern.
  • Large-scale, attention-grabbing leaf design.
  • Navy and silver-grey colour mix.
  • Produced by the reputable Fine Decor Wallcoverings.
  • Heavyweight design ideal for covering wall imperfections.
  • Multi-room suitability, from studies to bathrooms.
  • Easy maintenance with a washable finish.