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Pebbles Taupe Cushion - Malini Cushions
Pebbles Taupe Cushion - Malini Cushions
Pebbles Taupe Cushion - Malini Cushions

Pebbles Taupe Cushion

£22.00 GBP
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Geometric Pebble Design Scatter Cushion in Neutral


Introducing the Pebbles Taupe Cushion: where nature meets nurture, and organic design meets uproarious style! If you're an interiors aficionado with a love for modern, easy-to-live-with patterns and a sense of humor, our Pebbles Taupe Cushion is the rock-solid choice for you!


Stylish and Versatile


Imagine this: A cushion adorned with different-sized pebble designs, bringing a touch of nature's charm into your living space. Our Pebbles Taupe Cushion is a neutral, yet oh-so-stylish scatter cushion that'll have you feeling like you're lounging on a pebble-strewn beach (without the discomfort, of course)!

With a modern and organic design, this cushion sports a simple and sophisticated border, adding an elegant touch to any room. Sized at 45cm x 45cm, it's perfect for snuggling up with or simply admiring its chic pattern.


Quality and Comfort


But the Pebbles Taupe Cushion isn't just a visual delight! Made by Malini, this nature-inspired cushion is also feather-filled for amazing quality and comfort, ensuring that your moments of relaxation are as stylish as they are cozy.

Don't miss out on this playful, pebble-inspired piece! Add the Pebbles Taupe Cushion to your home today and let your interiors come alive with the beauty and charm of nature's own design!


Key Features:


  • A different-sized pebble design for a modern, organic look
  • Neutral, easy-to-live-with pattern that complements any space
  • A stylish scatter cushion with a simple and sophisticated border
  • Feather-filled for amazing quality and comfort
  • Neutral, versatile colour that's perfect for any interior design
  • Made by Malini, a name synonymous with quality and style
  • Perfectly sized at 45cm x 45cm for both style and snuggles